slide3Cervical cytology:

  • Cervical cytology, commonly referred to as ‘pap smears’ is a screening test for cervical cancer. All samples are reported using the Bethesda system in line with established international standards. A report is available within 48 hours of sample receipt.

Non-cervical cytology:

  • Samples accepted include fine needle aspirates (FNA) from breast, thyroid, lymph nodes, salivary glands and soft tissue masses, exfoliative samples from the respiratory tract (bronchial wash, trap and brochoalveolar lavage), urine and serous fluids (pleural and peritoneal fluids) and cerebrospinal fluids among others. Additional immunohistochemical test on selected samples are also available.

Surgical Pathology:

  • Microlab offers surgical pathology samples from a wide range of sites. We report on samples from the skin, head and neck, breast, respiratory tract, hepatopancreaticobiliary and gastrointestinal tract, gynaecological and urology specimens, renal biopsies, ophthalmic samples, bone and soft tissue as well as neurosurgical biopsies. As with all other samples, a report is available within 48-72 hours.


Immunohistochemistry is a specialised pathological test that makes use of selective antigens on the surfaces of tumour cells. Using complementary antibodies designed to match these antigens, immunohistochemistry can help to identify the subtype of tumour as well as provide prognostic information. Microlab offers immunohistochemistry panels for tumours of unknown origin, lymphoma, breast markers, Ki-67 (MIB-1) proliferation index, p16 testing (HPV surrogate marker) as well as an expanding range of specific markers. Further information is available upon request.

Fee Structure

  • Contact us for further pricing information.

Sending a specimen

If you would like to send us a sample, please use the request form available here. Alternatively, hard copy forms and sample pots with formalin are available upon request. Once your sample is ready, please contact us to request collection. Your sample will be processed and reported as soon as possible. A report will be available in 48-72 hours in most cases.

Sending a specimen internationally

We accept paraffin blocks, prepared slides as well as fixed samples sent via courier in sealed containers. Samples should be appropriately labeled and accompanied by relevant clinical details including patient demographics, site of biopsy and the results of any supporting radiological, microbiological or biochemical tests. Sender contact details should also be clearly provided to facilitate further clinicopathological discussion if necessary. Please contact the laboratory directly for further information.