Patient Information

What is histopathology?- Histopathology is a process whereby a specially trained pathologist analyses tissue samples using a microscope to look for evidence of disease including cancer. Samples are taken by clinicians including general practitioners, physicians and surgeons, placed in a preservative fluid medium and are processed in the pathology laboratory to produce slides which are then examined by the pathologist. Pathology is regarded by many in the medical profession as the definitive test in the diagnosis of cancer.

What is cytology?- Cytopathology is similar to histopathology except the it relies on the examination of the appearances of individual cells to arrive at a diagnosis as compared with histopathology in which pieces of tissue are studied. Cytopathology is partly used as a screening tool in the diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer. However, cytopathology can also provide a definitive diagnosis in many cases and other additional tests such as immunohistochemistry and molecular analysis can be performed on certain samples.

Sending a specimen

If you would like to send us a sample, please use the request form available here. Alternatively, hard copy forms and sample pots with formalin are available upon request. Once your sample is ready, please contact us to request collection. Your sample will be processed and reported as soon as possible. A report will be available in 48-72 hours in most cases.

Sending a specimen internationally

We accept paraffin blocks, prepared slides as well as fixed samples sent via courier in sealed containers. Samples should be appropriately labeled and accompanied by relevant clinical details including patient demographics, site of biopsy and the results of any supporting radiological, microbiological or biochemical tests. Sender contact details should also be clearly provided to facilitate further clinicopathological discussion if necessary. Please contact the laboratory directly for further information.